Backyard Chicken Breeds

Backyard Chicken Breeds

Last week, we shared five of the top backyard chicken breeds for beginners. This week, we're focusing on some more breeds that might be perfect for you!


Marans are known for being docile, sweet and intelligent. They produce about 150 dark, chocolate brown eggs per year! They are also very beautiful, which is a big part of their appeal.


These chickens are funny looking with fluffy cheeks and a beard and they are often mistaken for Easter Eggers, but they have completely different personalities.  They lay about 250 medium sized blue eggs per year. They are docile and very alert, which makes them very aware of potential predators. They really love being around humans, but can be skittish.


This Dutch breed is known for being sweet, calm, reliable and beautiful! They make for great backyard chickens! They produce about 180 large, dark brown eggs per year. Owners have nothing but great things to say about them and often talk about their friendly, intelligent demeanor.


Wyandotte's are friendly and calm, but can be a little bit bossy. We wouldn't classify these as "lap chickens," but they do have beautiful feather patterns. Because of their full plumage, they are best suited for cooler environments, so you'll have to take extra measures to keep them cool and comfortable. Lastly, they prefer to have free range because they love to explore!


These birds are BEAUTIFUL. They are so fluffy and fully feathered, you can barely see their feet! They have big personalities and are known to be friendly, docile and easy to handle. They are very chill and happy overall. They lay about 160 medium, light brown eggs per year.

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