Reasons Why Chickens Stop Laying Eggs

Reasons Why Chickens Stop Laying Eggs

Egg laying is always a huge concern in the backyard chicken community. That's one of the reasons you have to keep track of the amount of eggs your chicken is laying. If your chickens stop laying eggs, it could be an indicator that they're sick, so let's talk about some reasons chickens have stopped laying, what you can do to get them laying again, and signs to look out for.

Check Their Diet

If they've stopped laying eggs, it's possible their diet has changed. Chickens need about 20 grams of protein per day in order to keep up their egg laying schedule. If you've changed their brand of food, the amount of food you give them or the time you feed them, this could disrupt their egg laying.

Not Enough Hours in the Sun

Chickens need daylight, at least 14 hours per day. In the winter, natural sunlight only lasts about 9 hours per day, so you can set up an artificial light with a timer in their coop so they get enough hours of light.

New Chickens in Your Flock

If you've gotten any new chickens recently, this could set off your hens. They love routine, so changing up anything whether that be adding chickens to your flock or moving their coop, it will disrupt their schedule.


There are certain breeds of chickens that don't lay as many eggs per year as others do, so check and see what breed you have before assuming there's a problem.

Is Your Chicken Sick?

If your chicken is well fed, getting enough sunlight and they are settled then they might be sick. Look for signs of slimy nostrils or if they are walking around with their beak open. That would mean they can't breathe out of their nose and they might have a cold. If they have a parasite, they will be itching themselves constantly and their comb will go pale. Spray the chickens and their coop with a poultry cleaner. Your chicken could be molting, and it would take 6-12 weeks for them to grow back their feathers. Chickens molt once a year and during this time, they don't lay eggs.

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