Eggland's Best 17% Protein Layer Mini-Pellets 40lb

Eggland's Best 17% Protein Layer Mini-Pellets 40lb

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"Eggland's Best Chicken Food Layer Mini-Pellets offer a premium feed for those who want the very best for their backyard hens. Our unique blend of carefully sourced ingredients enables your chickens to live a happy life while keeping your family healthy. We even take the extra step to pasteurize all our products to further reduce the risk of harmful bacteria - allowing you to focus on the joy of raising chickens and enjoying delicious homegrown eggs.  Our mini-pelltes are 1/8” in size…perfectly sized for even your ‘pickiest’ eater."

Features and Benefits

  • Pasteurized for additional safety
  • High in Omega 3's and 15 vitamins & minerals
  • 100% vegetarian feed
  • No added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics
  • Supports bone, muscle, and overall health